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Understanding your roof Style.

Vertical Roof Style:

Vertical Roof Style2_edited_edited.jpg

The vertical roof style is the superior roof style of the three types available.  The Vertical roof style is suitable for all builds and is created by running the panels parallel to the truss meeting in the center.  The peak of the two panels creates an "A" shape which is why its often referred to as a an A frame Vertical Roof.   The overlapping of the panels is protected with a ridge cap which all but guarantees the possibility of leaking.

Vertical Roof Style

Quick Recap:

  • Best Roof Style Available

  • Prevents leaking

  • Is the strongest of the roof styles due to extra support through the roofing system.

  • Best for preventing of leaks, premature aging of structure, and is the pricier roofing system.

The Boxed Eve Roof Style is a fantastic option for any building under 30' in length.  Due to the high risk of leaking with overlapping horizontal panels, any order over 30' warranty will be voided if choosing this or the regular style roofing system.  

Boxed Eve Style Rooff_edited.jpg

Boxed Eve Roof Style

The Regular Roof Style is the original design in which our products were produced.  They sport Horizontal panels that intersect the truss across the roof, the same as the Boxed Eve Roof Style.  Its only recommended to use on buildings shorter than 35' due to the risk of leaking.  It also sports 5 bends compared to the single bend of the "A" frame.  It bends twice on each far side of the structure and once at the center for a total of 5.   It sports a panel which is fastened at the curve to create a sleek refined look.   This building style is the cheapest of the 3, and is a great option for the shopper on a budget.   While still being guaranteed leak proof under 35' its a fantastic option for those looking to save without sacrificing the idea altogether.  Inquire today about our carports or garages.

Regular Roof Style

Regular Roof Style_edited.jpg
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