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About our Company

Welcome to Carport Doctor, this page is dedicated to spreading our mission and core values.   Here at Carport Doctor we take pride in providing top of the line Metal structures, Barndominiums, and Garages of all types.  We started this company between five people, and are veteran owned.   We are a family based company that realized the massive void of transparency and lack of customer service.   We wanted to be the change that this industry so definitely needed.  So we combined forces, address issues at the root, and take pride in growing and learning with each and every client we take care of.   Our mission is to provide safe, reliable, perfectly built structures 100% of the time.   At Carport Doctor we guarantee our products will be done properly, and will be along you the entire way.   We have a dedicated design team, install teams, and the best customer service around.   if for any reason we don't meet your standards we encourage you to reach out so that we can assure you were treated by the Carport Doctor.   Our products are 100% American made and formed Steel, and every structure is fabricated by Americans who served their country.  We take pride in our veterans, and believe that there is no greater opportunity than to serve our fellow Americans in any possible way.   We are Americans providing reliable products to our fellow countrymen.   We thank you for affording us the chance to work with you, and assure you will be treated with respect, transparency, and kindness.   This is the way.  

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